Miss Trans Queen India 2018
Suhani Dream Catchers Pvt. Ltd

35/10A, G/F, Opp Ramjas Sports Complex, West Patel

Nagar, New-Delhi-110008, India.

Tel: +919871599696


General Information of Miss Trans Queen India 2018:


The promoter: Suhani Dream Catchers Pvt. Ltd. 35/10A, G/F,Opp Ramjas Sports Complex, West Patel Nagar, New-Delhi-110008, India

Method of entry: Entrant agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions:-

To be eligible to enter, the entrant must complete Miss Trans Queen India™
2018 Application Form and send the following documents to Miss Trans Queen India™ Organisation for pre-screening:




There is a Registration fee of INR 1000(Indian Rupees) which is Non-Refundable and

Once the entrant has passed the pre-screening, the entrant will be informed to transfer an entry fee of INR 30,000 (Indian Rupee) to Miss Trans Queen India™ Organisation.

The detail of the bank account is as followed:




Account Name:

   Suhani Dream Catchers Pvt Ltd.



  Yes Bank.



  East Patel Nagar


A/C Number:



IFSC Code:


Please send the pay-slip by email at office@transqueenindia.com Any domestic & international fees generated from a wire-transfer are to be solely covered by the contestants. Any difference from deduction generated from the wire-transfer may be settled in cash in Indian Rupee at Miss TransQueen India™ Organisation.

Rules of Eligibility: Qualifications for eligibility are that each contestant:












Eligibility limitations:


All issues as to eligibility shall be determined solely and exclusively by Miss Trans Queen India™. Contestant agrees to produce an original copy of a birth certificate and passport to verify age, gender, nationality, and citizenship upon request.


Miss Trans Queen India™ Organisation reserves the right to refuse entry into the Miss Trans Queen India™ to anyone for any reason. Miss Trans Queen India™ Organisation reserves the right not to disclose any reason for its decision. All decisions are final.



Conditions for entry:



required by Miss Trans Queen India™ Contest and the Promoter. Failing to participate in any of the required activities will automatically result in the entrant being disqualified from the contest. The Promoter has a full right to require the return of a prize or payment of any award the contestant has received to the Promoter to be dealt with as an unclaimed prize.


Trans Queen India™’s Talent Quest on Decided Month. Each contestant is required to perform on stage. The duration is limited to 2 minutes and 30 seconds for each performance. Costumes and equipment used for the performance are to be solely arranged by the contestant. The Talent Quest prohibits any display of nudity, foul language, innuendo, political, and transgendered & gay statements. Contestants are solely responsible to prepare their own costume, make-up, props, dancers, assistants and any item required for their performance.



insurance certificates are to be provided to Miss Trans Queen India™ 2018 Organisation on arrival to the camp.


  • Contestant agrees that their followers such as dancers and assistants are to be solely responsible for arranging their own accommodation, transportation, and meals during the contest period. The Promoter does not provide any accommodation, transportation, and meals to the followers.
  • Contestant agrees that round-trip tickets to Event Venue, must be flexible for the contestant to change the departure date from the Event Venue without fees. Should the contestant wins the contest, the contestant is fully responsible to pay for any fees generated from changing the departure date from Event Venue. Winner of Miss Trans Queen India™ is required to stay in Event Venue City for at least 15 days after the date of the Final Round.


  • Contestant agrees that Miss Trans Queen India™ Organisation and the Promoter will provide complimentary shared accommodations & breakfasts at a registered hotel. Meals during activities will be organised.


Airfares and personal expenses including extra hotel expenses are to be solely covered by each contestant during Miss Trans Queen India™


  • Contestant agrees to prepare the following outfits for the contest:


    • Extravagant national costume (colour to be confirmed)
    • Beautiful swimming suit (colour to be confirmed)


    • Classy evening gown (colour to be confirmed)
    • Glamorous short cocktail dress (colour to be confirmed)


    • Creative talent-quest costume (colour to be confirmed)
    • Casual white pants or blue Denim Jeans.



  • Contestant agrees that the winner of Miss Trans Queen India™ 2018 will perform the winner’s duties for 12 calendar-months and to abide by all the required services, rules and regulations governing this contest if selected as the winner in the pageant and further. Some requirements for the winner are as followed:
    • to stay in MTQI office City for at least 15 days after the contest,


    • to return to MTQI 15 days before the end of the reign to perform her duties and present the crown to the next Miss Trans Queen India™.
  • Contestant agrees that the winner and runners-up of Miss Trans Queen


India™ 2018 will be solely responsible for any fee generated from changing/amending any ticket in order to perform the duties for at least 15 days after the contest. Contestant is advised to book for a flexible ticket to allow a convenient change of transport should the contestant becomes the winner or runners up of Miss Trans Queen India™ 2018.




 India™ 2018 cannot fulfill the obligations; the first runner-up will become Miss Trans Queen India™ 2018, and be awarded the remaining prizes.

correspondence will be entered into. The winners’ name & any photos taken during the Miss Trans Queen India™ 2018 contest and any event associated to the contest will be used in promotional material by the promoter, without compensation to the contestant. All contestants acknowledged that the Promoter has the right to publicise and publish their names, characters and likeness.