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visionary mrs. reena rai

 Reena Rai, Founder & Chairperson of Miss Transqueen India, created history by organising first ever beauty pageant for transwomen in the country! She’s unstoppable and strives to work for transwomen and transmen with persistence.

She is also the founder partner of NGO Deepa ardnareshwar empowerment  foundation .currently running    a project WE ARE YOUR STRENGTH!!! with the motive to inspire people from every generation, from every aspects of life, to be strength.A strength of someone who needs it, someone who cloud be you friend, or anyone you know.someone who could be the Reena to their Vippy.

A project on mainstreaming  gender. 

She dreams of having transphobia  free India and she want sentestize kids youth and parents so she started going to the school ,collages, institutions and residencies to Latest worksop was with O P JINDAL GLOBAL UNIVERSITY , Gaur Cascade Residency, Deshbandhu college, Arhabhat college and many more.

Through gender sensetization  she aim to change  mindset of people who discreminate and make LGBTQ weak  after work shop become there strength.

Miss TransQueen India is a brain child of Reena Rai a former business woman who once sold tortilla breads to TGIF chane of restaurants.

MTQI aimed to celebrate gender fluidity and enhance the profile of India trans community and breaking streotype and making history by the movement of inclusion and empowerment. It is not just a typical pageant of glitz and glamour, it is a journey on which transwomen can embark on with pride and dignity.

She started her journey of inclusion and empowerment with the aim of changing mindset of cis-gendered society towards LGBTQ and also to create platform for transwomen nationally.

She was inspired to create the pageant after attending one event organized by HIV Aids alliance.

” I realized that the change will only come when cis people like us actually stand up for the cause and fight for them. I quit my job and devoted nine months of my life to putting together the competition.

I sunk my energy and all savings including my husband salary of each month into the pageant. There was a point when I got a call from my daughter school that her fee was not deposited it was the weakest moment of my life. I felt my dream and my passion is making my loved ones suffer. But thanks to my 11 year daughter and my husband as they helped me see through the positive side of my stuggle. My husband was the only single sponsor for the event because no one wanted to associate with transwomen event because that will bring negative image to there   organization according to some people.

Some people also called me mad and some called me lesbian and other just start thinking I might be a transwoman. I wanted to break the notion that only LGBTQ people can help LGBTQ community. I am a woman and I believe that they born out of us So, it is responsiblity of cis and heterosexual society to be supportive of them and hold there hand and help them keeping there head high and motivate them to give there best.16 transqueens from across India helped me to make history on 27th August 2017 when they competed in the country’s first ever beauty peagent exclusive for transwomen called Miss Transqueen India 

Not only India but the whole world talked about it and the change which I aimed started. I have helped transcommunity get job in five star hotels. Our learn and earn initiative, a collaboration of Mr Keshav Suri and I helped transmen  and transformer get hotel management jobs at The Lalit hotel.

Now, with the help of Why Not Me Campaign, I aim to empower transwomen by breaking the stereotypes and fulfilling their dreams of being a Bollywood star.

My queens are successful and blooming in their careers. One of them took audition of cis women pageant contestants. One queen bagged one Tamil and one Telugu movie as a leading actress. They have been called to be a model and walk on ramp.”


Why Not Me Campaign believes in the inclusion of transwomen in Bollywood. Last year I promised myself that I will create history in India and I did that this time I promised that this is going to be revolutionary year for transwomen because I will make sure Bollywood give them entry and accept them with open arms. I am grateful to all the celebrities who have come forward in the support of this cause.looking for more Bollywood support to change the mind set of mass.Not only this this time i aim to get visiblity for trans women i want to educate people that when we taalk about transgender it is an umbrala where both transmen and transwomen falls togather everyone is aware about transqueen but only few percentage in whole world knows about even transmen do exisist too.till now no one talked about it nor even gave platfom to showcase there talent..As suhani dream catchers is known to dream impossible dreams we are introducing trans king in the finale a pageant.That is pe agent for trans mans who born as women n transform themself in man.

MissTransQueenIndia has got world wide reorganization. 

It’s time to wake up bollywood !

After supreme court decision on 377 we are looking forward for mainstream. to give chance to all our trans men and women so that they can also prove to the     whole world that now even law of India supporting  LGBTQ to come out with pride.

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